I’m a Ruby Beginner myself and learning Ruby presented me with a few difficulties:

  1. How to apply what I had learned to something practical
  2. See step 1

Being a beginner and an ex-instructor/teacher, I have the prerequisites for helping other beginners. There’s nothing more daunting to a newbie than having to read the official manual. Most websites related to teaching Ruby are written by people with years of experience in the language. There are obvious advantages to this but the one advantage a beginner has is an open mind. I haven’t yet been infected with any beliefs on best practises.

I will try to write in an honest and direct way. Feedback is very welcome. Discussion is encouraged. Help is accepted.

The main focus of this blog is the practical aspect of Ruby. We learn new constructs but we often don’t know where we can apply them.  As a result the knowledge is lost, or left in the part of our brain marked ‘random’. Always try to associate what you’ve learned with something you can use. I will try to help you on this journey.